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4 Amazing Watches from Sotheby's Luxury Edit

by Dana Li

Following a successful June auction season, Sotheby’s is holding another series of auctions as a part of the New York Luxury Edit. Along with jewelry, handbags, and wine, there are a number of great pieces up for bidding this week. Here are some of my favorites from the auction.

1967 Rolex Daytona “The Doctor” (ref. 6239)

Credits: Sotheby's Watches - The Luxury Edit

There are Rolex Daytonas and there are Rolex Daytonas. While the 6239 Daytona is already one of the most highly sought after vintage Rolexes, this particular 6239 takes rarity to a whole new level. Nicknamed “The Doctor”, this Daytona features a blue pulsations dial in immaculate condition. This will be the also first time this watch has made an appearance on the auction market since 2018. Fun fact: the Sotheby's sold one of these watches the last time one went up for auction.

1958 Rolex “Big Crown” Submariner (ref. 6538)

Credits: Sotheby's Watches - The Luxury Edit

This Rolex “Big Crown” Submariner is as rare as it is iconic. One of the earlier Submariner references, this watch is THE original James Bond watch, making an appearance in the first 4 Bond films with Sean Connery as 007. This watch has only appeared on the auction block a handful of times in the past few years, each time selling for significantly over the estimate. For a tool watch that’s over 60 years old, this piece is in great condition and even has some gorgeous patina on the markers, hands, and gilt dial.

1985 Audemars Piguet White Gold Bracelet Watch

Credits: Sotheby's Watches - The Luxury Edit

Audemars Piguet has always been a brand that’s not afraid to experiment with design and this white gold bracelet watch is a perfect example of what AP does best. Also sometimes known as the AP Cobra watch, this piece features a patterned integrated bracelet that’s achieved by woven strands of white gold. Add in the blue, sunburst dial and you have a unique watch that is the unmistakably representative of AP’s innovative and bold design.

1995 Patek Philippe Yellow Gold and Enamel Skeleton Watch (ref. 3885)

Credits: Sotheby's Watches - The Luxury Edit

I’m a sucker for an ornately decorated skeletonized watch so naturally, this 1995 Patek Philippe beauty immediately caught my eye. The watch has an amazing yellow gold movement that incorporates Patek’s signature Calatrava cross. Add in the blue enamel around the outer edge of the dial and this watch just oozes opulence. This watch is also surprisingly small just at 31.5mm, making it a perfect piece for those who like smaller watches.

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