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Tell the Time
Watches meets fashion and style.

I first started Tell the Time as a platform for women in the watch community. When I first got into watches, I quickly realized there weren't many resources that covered industry trends, new releases, and other topics in a way that spoke to women. As I continued developing the platform, I noticed that there was a general gap for a perspective on horology in the context of fashion.


Tell the Time aims to cover all things watches, fashion, and style and be a comprehensive, educational resource for a people to learn more about the watch world. Whether you are a seasoned collector, industry professional, or an enthusiast just learning about watches, I hope you find something on this site for you.

If you want to talk watches or have any questions, feel free to drop me a note.

Business Inquiries:

Instagram: @tellthetime

TikTok: @tell.the.time

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