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Get to Know the Brand Making Badass Watches for Badass Women

by Dana Li

Recently, I was introduced to Abingdon Co., a brand dedicated to creating functional watches for women, and immediately fell in love with its mission and thoughtful design. As a female collector, it’s wonderful to see a company representing and designing for what women are truly looking for in their watches.

With Abingdon pieces, you won’t see the typical dainty ones set with gems you might find in other brands’ ladies collections. Instead you’ll find practical, durable pieces made to be used in tough conditions. The founder, Abingdon Chelsea Mullin, started the company in 2007 after failing to find a pilot’s watch that suited her own needs and realized that many other women shared the same issue. For the last 15 years, Abingdon Co. has grown its crew and expanded its offerings. Its latest rebrand—announced during an NYC launch party a few weeks ago—continues to build on the company’s core mission: to make “watches for women who do more”.

Source: Yaz Tulca for Abingdon Co.

The New Abingdon Brand

In time for its 15-year anniversary, Abingdon Co. unveiled a new brand, complete with a new logo, watch designs, packaging, website, and imagery that embodies the company’s values. The new logo incorporates the golden helmets of the Valkyries, female demigods of the battlefield. The new brand colors include red-orange, hunter green, and blue to represent land, sea, air—the many environments in which Abingdon’s customers (a.k.a. Crew Members) have adventured—and the fire within these women pushing them to their highest potential. The reimagined look artfully captures the spirit of the amazing, accomplished women wearing Abingdon pieces.

Source: Abingdon Co. (Katherine in Storm)

New York Launch Party

On the first day of the Wind Up Watch Fair weekend, Abingdon hosted a chic launch party at the LOFT on 5th that featured live music by DJ Mo, delicious bites by Michelin-star chef Michael Gille, and even hand-crafted cigars. Aside from the great people I met, I had an incredible evening getting to know the brand and learning about some Crew Members’ stories and adventures as pilots, divers, and military personnel. It was also great being part of an event that was so thoughtfully curated for women.

Source: Yaz Tulca for Abingdon Co.

Final Thoughts

From attending the Abingdon launch party to the Wind Up Watch Fair panel featuring Abingdon herself, I’m incredibly excited to have discovered a brand that empowers women by giving them practical, stylish tools to accompany them on their adventures. I can’t wait to see what’s next from the Abingdon brand as they pave the way making more badass watches for badass women.


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