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Get to Know These 3 Female-Founded Watch Brands

by Dana Li

It’s no secret that the watch world is male-dominated; however, with an increasing presence of women in the industry and in the collector community, this is starting to change. While many of the larger brands are beginning to take notice and creating more comprehensive collections for their female audiences in response, there have been a number of female-founded watch brands that have been designing watches for women to fit their varied interests and styles for years. Here are just a few watch brands that are founded by some amazing women in the industry.

Founded by Abingdon Chelsea Mullin, a pilot and diver herself, Abingdon Co. makes highly functional and well-designed watches for women with active lifestyles. Affectionately known as “the Crew”, the women who wear Abingdon’s watches are some of the most badass people you can think of, with accomplished military officers, professional divers, and NASCAR drivers all sporting an Abingdon watch. If you’re looking for a practical yet beautifully designed watch to accompany you on many adventures without having to worry about durability, you’re sure to find something in Abingdon’s wide range of collections.

Abingdon Katherine Watch in Storm
Source: Abingdon Co. (The Katherine)

Anna Vardanyan founded VANNA in 2020 and has been creating “opulent works of art for your wrist” since. One of the few brands that are not only female-founded, but also designed and manufactured by women, VANNA designs watches that are a blend of jewelry and horology. You’ll often find a variety of gemstones, unique dial materials, and architecturally-inspired case shapes in their pieces. Although they may incorporate precious materials like malachite and tiger’s eye, VANNA watches are still functional and can be worn as an everyday piece anywhere from the office to a casual hangout with friends.

VANNA Claire Sandstone in rose gold
Source: VANNA (Claire Sandstone)


A Toronto-based watch brand that works directly with a watchmaking studio in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland to design their collections in-house, Vieren was founded by Jess Chow, who comes from a family with over 40 years of luxury watchmaking experience. Vieren’s aesthetic is distinctly modern and fashionable, and their watches are all equipped with high quality automatic Swiss movements (specifically the ETA 2671). Vieren’s limited edition collections are great for those looking for a sleek statement piece with a unique, experimental design that’s still easy to wear with anything from a casual outfit to a more formal, dressy ensemble.

Vieren OG Automatic in White Croc
Source: Vieren (OG Automatic in White Croc)


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